Air Charter

With a large, diverse fleet that can cater to just about any aviation need, we offer air charter services from bases across Canada, and can offer pre-booked or last minute travel to anywhere in North America. Our safe, all-weather aircraft offer executive travel, industrial crew change, freight and hot-shot services, aerial survey reconnaissance, and more.

Bar XH has aircraft that can accommodate almost any location, from international airports, to remote gravel air strips. Wherever you need to be BarXH can take you there.

Your Air Chartering Experience
We hope you'll notice the care we've take to find many ways to "raise the bar" and put you at ease…

  • Knowing your needs. When you call for service, we'll have all your information from previous flights ready - including meal preferences and policies specific to you and/or your company. You can be assured that you will already know the person you are dealing with over the phone.
  • The right aircraft available. We will ensure we have the right aircraft available for your requirements by asking relevant questions to match your specific situation.
  • Ready in a "Bar XH" minute. When you've been doing air ambulance services as long as we have, last minute, time sensitive travel becomes second nature. Whether for emergency response or time-sensitive business travel, Bar XH is fast, safe and reliable.
  • Red carpet treatment. We enjoy rolling out a full-length red carpet to take you from our well-appointed executive lounges to your waiting aircraft in comfort and style.
  • On-board nourishment. Depending on the nature of the flight and passengers, we can provide hot, fresh meals, or quick, take-home treats…and of course, we offer complimentary beverages. Whether you've had a hard day or missed a meal, we want you to relax and feel satisfied during and after your flight with us.
  • Superior, friendly pilots and staff. Our pilots and attendants are not just technically exceptional, but also screened for personality and style. Our crew takes an interest in ensuring you feel safe and comfortable, explains any minor turbulence, and assists you in making your flight truly enjoyable.
  • Clear, consistent invoicing. When you are invoiced for services, they will be sent to the correct person complete with a passenger list and all pertinent flight information. We understand the importance of allocating costs to your correct departments.