About Us

Our Mission
With safety and security at the forefront, Bar XH Air is and will always be a diverse aviation service that creates a rewarding environment of trust and friendship among customers, employees and suppliers. As we grow, we will continue to build a secure, honest business that provides new challenges through the advancement of our equipment, and the knowledge and training of our team.

Our History
Almost 40 years ago, an aviation company took root in Western Canada with the opening of a small flight school. Out of necessity and the changing demands of local customers, that business has evolved into what we at Bar XH are today: a very diverse aviation service. While we continue to grow with more ground bases, staff, and customers, we continue to hang on to the small-town personal touch that has always been our trademark.

Our Philosophy
Small town roots do make us different. Right from the beginning, we've flown people we know, and people we care about. To us, that's how all our customers should be: friends, not just business acquaintances. We help you feel at home, take extra care of your safety, and treat you as though you will become our life long customers and friends.

  • Safety conquers all. Right from the day we began as a flying school, putting safe, well-trained pilots in the air was our top priority. This has enabled us to be a preferred contractor of air ambulance services to the Alberta provincial government for over 20 years, and a commuter service provider to national scheduled air carriers.
  • Long-term customers, long-term employees. Long-terms employees tend to make for long-term customers, because there are great bonds between people. And that's always been our style - our employees take time to know you because they have time to know you. That means you're able to drop formalities and just be at ease.


The right equipment matters. Ensuring our fleet is modern, diverse, and capable of handling almost any customer requirement is a top priority to us. To support this, Bar XH and Hawkair have the capability to buy and sell aircraft internationally, which gives us enormous flexibility to respond to changes in local market demand. We also run a top-notch maintenance organization within our business, ensuring the condition of all equipment is exceptional.